"There is no finer sensations in life that which comes with victory over one's self. Go forward to a goal of inward achievement, brushing aside all your old internal enemies as you advance." -- Vash Young

Professional Private Lessons

Private lessons are for the adult or child who needs or desires privacy with the full attention of the instructor. Learning is fast and less stressful as each drill, activity and discussion is professionally designed SPECIFICALLY for you (as only Mr Ed with his 35+ years of experience and graduate school education can do).

The most-asked question asked after class is "When can we schedule another lesson?"

Call (865-691-2525) or click on the link below to request a private lesson!

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One Lesson


$155.00 $180.00


Two Lessons $258.00 $310.00 $361.00 $413.00
Three Lessons $359.00 $430.00 $503.00 $574.00
Four Lessons $488.00 $588.00 $686.00 $788.00
Five Lessons $598.00 $727.00 $857.00 $968.00
Class fees are non-refundable--click here for Terms for Payment of Fees
The fee includes private use of the entire pool -- there will be no onlookers or distractions. The fees are comparable to any professional with Mr. Ed's education and experience.
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Students Say..

Recently a 36 year old student stated after only 30 minutes "I want you to know, you have already earned your money."

"I am repaid for the investment I made in your classes everyday, both in the new and pleasurable leisure activity I have gained and in the confidence that comes from knowing fears can be faced and overcome"
-- Dr. JD Gilmour

Read for the full letter from Dr. JD Gilmour from the UK .

"Within one lesson, I sliced my swimming time in half..."--Kevin Rambally
Click here to read the full letter from Kevin Rambally
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Professional Private Lessons

Lessons Available for:

* Snorkeling
* Wanting to take scuba lessons
* Swim team stroke improvement
* Tri-Athlete
* Children with pool at home
* Special needs adults and children
* Adults who just never learned before
* Children or adults with a hangup
* Desiring privacy


For adults and children going on a cruise or vacation around the ocean. Mr. Ed's years of SCUBA instruction (over 6,000 certified divers during 30+ years) taught him many tips that will help you have an enjoyable snorkeling experience. He has traveled to many snorkeling and diving areas and perhaps has some special advice for where you are going. Ocean safety is discussed. All equipment needed is provided.

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Mr. Ed has certified over 5000 divers in over 30+ years of diving. Currently, Mr. Ed offers private lessons covering swim techniques applicable to diving, as well as classes that teach snorkeling. Mr. Ed is not currently certifying new divers, but if you need a swimming skills refresher before taking SCUBA courses and want to learn from a seasoned SCUBA pro, call and set up a lesson today!


For children on a swim team who still have not mastered the strokes. Most coaches do not have time to work on strokes so swimmers need individual stroke work to improve. Mr. Ed knows what to do and will teach drills to get it done. Starts to flip turns & in between. The drills and principles can be explained to parents who want to help their children develop.


Swim Stroke Improvement. An athlete may be good at running and cycling but average or poor at swimming. Private lessons can improve the swimming very quickly thru stroke technique. Mr. Ed will explain in detail why you do what you should do to gain skill and endurance.


Perhaps your children are not afraid of the water and do not want to take swim lessons but you feel they need to learn proper and efficient strokes. Children need to learn strokes correctly and some special skills (diving, strokes-crawl, back stroke, butterfly, breaststroke and more). Pool safety and elementary forms of rescue can be taught if desired.


Mr. Ed has taught hundreds of instructors how to teach handicapped children and adults to swim and to enjoy the water. Our warm water and privacy help make the lessons more enjoyable. We can teach the student and teach a parent or sibling how to continue the learning depending on what you desire.


Many adults just did not have an opportunity to learn to swim as a child and would like to experience the fun everyone else seems to be having. Private lessons let you learn as fast as you can manage but not a bit faster. You will be amazed after only one lesson.It is hard to hold back the smile when you learn so much so fast. A comment heard lately from an excited 35 year old was "Hot dang, we are breaking new ground."


Often a little hang-up or fear can prevent keeping pace with friends and others. Overcoming these fears will produce a great feeling of accomplishment. Sales men and women will sell better and children can attend and enjoy pool parties after they learn to be comfortable in the water. Many fears and hang-ups can be overcome in one or two lessons. Diving off the side was the desire for one lady age 21. She was so excited when she learned in only 15 minutes using the techniques developed by Mr. Ed.


Perhaps, you may be like many others who do not want strangers to watch them learning to swim. Our private lessons are really private- no one in the pool area except who you desire. No distractions from other swimmers or divers. Just you and the instructor and whom you invite to watch. Many prominent adults, in the public eye, understandably do not want to show themselves in an unflattering situation but do wish to learn to swim. We are professionally discrete. No one will know except the persons you tell.