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26th Feb 2018


With holes or Without?

Playboards w/ holes are great for helping new swimmers who are learning to back float. It may be a good idea to assist young children by holding their head still, preventing them from rolling over.

The Playboard specifically targets children 2 1/2 - 5 yrs. As the child slides on the board, their arms straight, hands holding the edge, chin in the water, they are now in proper swimming position. This is a productive way for children to practice their kicking & bubble blowing. Parents can use fingers to distract baby while they get used to being in the water on the Playboard w/holes. The holes allow more water on top of the board, encouraging children to become comfortable with the feeling of water.

On the Playboards babies can have their legs hanging off getting used to being in the water, while preparing for future kicking.

Both ADVENTURE SWIM boards are made of EVA foam, which will last for years.

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