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  • STAND - Velcro Mirror Stand STAND - Velcro Mirror Stand

    STAND - Velcro Mirror Stand

    This Mirror Stand easily Velcro's to the back of a 12 x 18 Rectangle Fun Mirror™.  They also can be used on the 18 inch and 12 inch Circular Fun Mirrors™.  This stand makes your...

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  • Play and Dive Hoop Play and Dive Hoop

    Play and Dive Hoop

     The Play and Dive Hoop:    28" X 28" X 1" - Designed to be used with THE RAMP ISLAND and Diving Boards. THE PLAY and DIVE HOOP can be used in so many different ways in swim...

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  • Mini Playboards Mini Playboards

    Mini Playboards

    MINI PLAYBOARD: Teaches a horizontal position Helps with Blowing Bubbles and Kick Practice Develops independence (not swimming in parents arms) Child's face is close to the water Children...

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  • Deluxe Kickboard

    Deluxe Kickboard

    DELUXE KICKBOARDS:  (INSTRUCTIONS PRINTED CONVENIENTLY ON THE BOARD) The Kickboard is the 1st board in the "Fast & Fun Swim System".  The longer design promotes straight...

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  • Floats - BACKPACK Floats - BACKPACK

    Floats - BACKPACK

    BACKPACK FLOATS: Specially designed to be able to add or subtract floats as the child progresses. Can to be used with a kickboard, a floating barbell, or flippers. These floats help keep the body...

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  • Swim Barbell by Adventure Swim

    Swim Barbell by Adventure Swim

    The Adventure Swim Barbell :  is a fun float that gives maximum horizontal stability with a Soft Foam Padded Bar that is comforting and easy to grip. Our Barbell is Scientifically...

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