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Our facilities feature an Indoor Pool with two Diving Boards, Changing Room, Showers,  Equipment Sales, and plenty of Parking Spaces.

The pool is 25'x50', has two diving boards and a depth of 11'. Water temperature is a comfortable 90 degrees (28Cel.) We do not facilitate lap swimmers who need colder water. Learning is better and more fun when kids are comfortable and warm.

Changing Rooms, Showers & Restrooms
There are 2 dressing rooms, 2 with toilets, 2 with showers. 

Equipment Sales
We have a full line of swim caps, swim diapers, kick boards, pool toys, ear plugs, water shoes, masks and snorkels.

Swim Flippers
For class use to help gain strength and correct foot position.

Two diving boards
Different heights to gain strength and confidence in diving

Parents Can Watch!
There are glass windows and sliding glass doors so parents may sit outside, or sit inside on the pool deck.


1332 Scotsbury Cir. SW, Knoxville TN 37919



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