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PARENT/TOT   (Age 3 months to 4 years) 

An enjoyable swim class to learn to communicate with your child and begin teaching swimming skills while developing water awareness and water safety. Parent and child learn methods of water orientation. Children are accompanied in the water by parent, parents or designated adult. Children learn to take instructions from parent as we teach techniques. Children progress WITH REAL SWIMMING SKILLS as they get comfortable in the water. We use toys and games to make swimming exciting and fun. This a NEW APPROACH -- NO CRYING/NO TEARS. Both parents are welcome in pool! For sanitary reasons, all babies must wear an elastic leg swim diaper.We sell them at the pool or you may bring yours. (Note on Parent/Tot 2 Classes: It is in the best interest of the child if the same parent or adult brings the child every day for class. If this is not possible, please be sure that the adult that brings the child has also been with the child in the previous class. (I.E.--if Mom brings the kid the first time, Mom and Dad come together the second time, Dad or Mom could bring the child to lesson 3)


ADVANCED PARENT/TOT   (Age 3 months to 4 years) 

For children who have completed one or more Parent/Tot classes at Adventure Swim School. Activities include age appropriate review of all previous Parent/Tot swim skills and transition into advanced swimming skills and the play skills that develop swimming skills. Parents and children equally enjoy learning the skills that contribute to their water safety and self confidence, as well as to their physical and mental development. This enrichment through learning to swim builds a solid foundation. Both parents are welcome in pool! (Note - We have some flexibility with our classes where we may allow children of ages different from the posted class. For example, parents with two children of different ages can learn together. Each child must have an adult in the water.)


BEGINNERS (Must be past 3rd birthday) 

We Work On: Putting face underwater, kicking feet, arm strokes, blowing bubbles, back float, and learning to enjoy the water with games. OUR GOAL: Children will be able to jump in the water, let head go under water, make swim motions with arms, blow bubbles and swims 25' while breathing. NEW: Modified (Gentle) set of skills for the children not quite ready to go underwater.


ADVANCED BEGINNER (Must be past 3rd birthday)

Should be able to jump by him/her self in the water over her/his head (without any float devices), put face under water with ease, and make arm swimming motions and splash feet at the same time. WE WORK ON: Strength in kicking, rhythmic breathing, survival floating, rolling over to a back float, cannonball float, diving off side and board, and hope to swim 50 feet crawl stroke unassisted.


SWIM PREP TEAM (Must be past 3rd birthday)

Should be able to swim 50 unassisted feet (any style) and float on back unassisted. WE WORK ON: Crawl stroke, rotary breathing, back stroke, breast stroke kick, butterfly kick, elementary backstroke, treading water, surface diving, Olympic spring board dives, back dive, front flip, open wall turn, and racing dives. 



For the adult who has never had his/her face under water. You don't have to be able to do anything. The only prerequisite is that you want to learn to swim. Lessons are fun. They have been described as the perfect desensitizing system. Your instructor is an adult, not a teenager. He has taught hundreds of adults to swim and will be in the water with you. Whether you are age 18 or 80-- give it a try! If you want to learn to swim, Mr. Ed definitely can teach you how to swim; we guarantee it!!

We can teach persons who fear water, have water phobia, hydrophobia or fear getting water up the nose; persons who fear water on the face and those who fear drowning. With the simple methods developed by Mr. Ed Pemberton, these fears are easily overcome and the adults learn to swim quickly. If a person has a desire to learn to swim, he/she can easily learn. Most adults can learn to swim about 25 feet by the third lesson. Mr. Ed's swim lessons are the result of over 40 years of teaching swimming combined with a Masters degree and  PhD. study -- all geared toward teaching swimming, especially to those who fear water. Adults will be amazed at how fast they learn to swim with the learn-to-swim system developed by Mr. Ed.  He solves the problem of water fear by using his knowledge of psychology and physics to analyze the situation.  Adults really enjoy the classes. Beginner swim students often refer to our method of teaching as the "Fun learn-to-swim lessons." 



For the swimmer who wants to gain deep water confidence and learn how to swim the strokes correctly. The class teaches and reviews the following: crawl stroke (with rotary breathing), backstroke, resting (elementary) backstroke, diving (off side and off diving board), treading water and more. All skills will be taught in the easy-to-learn, step-by-step process Mr. Ed has developed during his 30 + years of teaching. These lessons also include: strokes and analyses, corrective drills, flip turns, open turns, conditioning, diving off side and diving board, treading water and more. Students are amazed at how small corrections really help their strokes. In snorkeling lessons (equipment provided), Mr. Ed will share secrets of snorkeling to benefit both beginners and experienced alike. This class is for SCUBA divers, water skiers, people who fish and anyone who is often around water. 


PRIVATE, PERSONAL LESSONS  Click for more information

 Private lessons are for the adult or child who needs or desires privacy with the full attention of the instructor. Learning is fast and less stressful as each drill, activity and discussion is professionally designed for you (as only Mr. Ed with his 35+ years of experience and graduate school education can do). A 36 year old student recently stated after only 30 minutes, "I want you to know, you have already earned your money." The most often asked question asked after class is, "When can we schedule another lesson?" Often a private class or two will prepare a child or adult to comfortably join a group class.

Perhaps, you may be like many others who do not want strangers to watch them learning to swim. Our private lessons are really private-- no one in the pool area except whom you desire. No distractions from other swimmers or divers. Just you and the instructor and whomever you chose to invite to watch. Many prominent adults in the public eye, understandably, do not want to show themselves in an unflattering situation, yet still wish to learn to swim. We are professionally discrete. No one will know except the persons you tell.  

The fee includes private use of the entire pool--there will be no onlookers or distractions. The fees are comparable to any professional with Mr. Ed's education and experience. There is a discount for blocks of 5 lessons. 


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