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  • Used for Rescue Practice kicking

    Red Rescue/Support Float- Deluxe

    Rescue Support Float: A multi-functional product that can be used at water parks and for lake, beach or pool rescues.   It can be used for towing a victim, supporting the rescuer, or handed to a victim for assistance. Molded from...

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  • Floats - BACKPACK Floats - BACKPACK

    Floats - BACKPACK

    BACKPACK FLOATS: Specially designed to be able to add or subtract floats as the child progresses. Can to be used with a kickboard, a floating barbell, or flippers. These floats help keep the body position in a desirable horizontal...

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  • Swim Barbell by Adventure Swim

    Swim Barbell by Adventure Swim

    The Adventure Swim Barbell :  is a fun float that gives maximum horizontal stability with a Soft Foam Padded Bar that is comforting and easy to grip. Our Barbell is Scientifically Designed for body position to keep the body and chin close to...

  • Floats - BELT Floats - BELT

    Floats - BELT

    The Belt Float™ : is used to give small amounts of lift to assist a swimmer on the way to swimming. Sections of the belt may be removed as the child or adult gains skill and confidence. Gives assistance for keeping horizontal body position...

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  • Swimming Pull Buoys Swimming Pull Buoys

    Swimming Pull Buoys

    Swimming Pull Buoys:  A one piece construction device to go between the legs to aid swimmers in many ways. Allows the Swimmer to concentrate on the arms while learning. Allows the swimmer to develop more strength in the arms while maintaining a...