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Frequently Asked Questions

Should My Child Be in the Advanced Beginner or Swim Team (Intermediate) Class?

The Swim Team/Intermediate class requires students to be able to swim the length of the pool (50 feet). We will be swimming lengths often to develop strength and endurance. We want children at this level to be confident enough in their skills to relax and perform the correct skills to improve their swimming.

The Advanced Beginner class gives the swimmer the technique to swim. If a child needs to build confidence with fundamental techniques and skills, the Advanced beginner class can help build that confidence. Some students will find that repeating the Advanced Beginner class helps them gain more practice so they are better prepared for the next level.

The clincher may be whether you child is intimidated ("That's too scary") by a challenge or motivated ("If he can do it, I can do it") by a challenge.

I am an adult doesn't know how to swim and has a fear of the water, can Mr. Ed teach me to overcome that fear and learn how to swim?

Our approach is extremely effective and pleasant. You will be amazed how easy it is and how proud you will be as a result. Mr. Ed's techniques have helped hundreds of people just like you learn to swim. We offer both Private and Group lessons for adults. Contact us to find out which might work best for your situation.

What should I do if my child or I wear contacts?

It's always better to open your eyes underwater. Contacts will tend to come out when your eyes are open underwater. If you have your eyes shut while swimming, the water will seem like a dark dungeon. If your eyes are open, you'll see fuzzy feet and fuzzy legs-still better than a dark dungeon!

If your vision is not too bad without contacts, you might try swimming without them. If you have difficulty seeing without your contacts, you might look into getting a pair of prescription goggles. The prescription on these goggles is not as precise as a normal glasses prescription, but they still provide significant vision correction and comfort in the water.

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